lens remote control from designaffairs on Vimeo.

Lens remote control

A remote control liberated of buttons and limitations.

Lens is a gesture and touch sensitive device that helps you navigate the vastness of digital space. It features intuitive gestures that make it possible to enjoy television in a whole new way.

The Lens remote control is a display-less, button-less device that gives you control over your individual TV experience. Using intuitive interactions, complex interfaces can be easily navigated and manipulated.

The device has a select range of interactions that adapt to the displayed content. This allows each action to be intuitively linked to the on-screen motion and the user needs only to learn these gestures to sightlessly steer the TV in a playful and exciting way.

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I like what the company is designing. However I think the size of that remote should be the size of a credit card, as it is a more versatile dimension especially when shown here the person is not using the entire motion space on the piece of card. Also there should be maybe grooves put in the side of that flat edge in which you are stroking, so it adds more direction, as most people would not think something on the edge would also give sensor related feedback, in comparison to a glass screen that reminds us of a touch screen.

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