After a period of conceptual developments focused more on interface design, we felt it’s time for a change to refresh our minds.

The material world and it’s latest developments has us thrilled so for the months to come we will focus on new and innovative materials. We will work closely together with our team from the material library in which we have already assembled more than 2000 materials with more than 6000 samples and counting. So this leaves plenty of room to play.

Starting with unique material properties we will take it from there and brainstorm about new concepts of usage develop visions and exciting concepts. Again, challenging anything we can along the way.

4 comments to... “Material is ON”
Florian Apel


ich bin seit ein paar wochen auf dem langen weg der recherche hin zu meinem bachelor.

wäre es möglich anfang der kommenden woche das material dock zu besuchen?

und noch zwei weitere fragen:
können sie mir auskunft über die öffnungszeiten geben
und was es kostet bei ihnen zu arbeiten

besten dank
und liebe grueße

florian apel


love the material lab, i would like to make my personal lab as good as this.

Nike Shox Vc

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