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One of the biggest problems the third world aid is facing today is that many of the good intentions never reach their final destination. In some severe cases, more than 60 % of the donated money miraculously get’s lost along the way.

Making matters worse is the fact that often enough the aid is not matching people’s needs, e.g. the donation of huge amounts of milk powder which leads to the destruction of local dairy farmers.

With AIDvertisement, we use a different approach on third world aid. The idea is simple: People in the third world can communicate a certain desire through our non-profit platform on the web.

NGOs, as well as global, but preferably local suppliers are then welcome to meet that desire by responding to it on our platform. Now companies and private persons join a web auction. Just like a normal auction, the time is running out and when you place a bid, the countdown starts again, until somebody wins. The trick is: Every time you place a bid, the amount by which you raise the price is an immediate donation to the project.

Example: If you raise the price of an auction from 33$ to 35$, you donate 2$ to the main pot irrespective of whether you win the auction or not. In the end, the winner of the auction has to pay another ten percent of the final price into that main pot.

All these tiny bids/donations actually sum up and will be used to pay the supplier, lower the prices of future auctions to the benefit of those in need, and to keep AIDvertisement´s service running.

The winner of the auction has the privilege of branding the aid with anything he likes. Once the aid reaches its destination, people will know where it comes from, anyone will be able to tell if it got there, and in our AIDvertisement community the sponsor’s ranking will increase, making him more popular. Of course all the others who didn’t win have their share in the auction too, which will be added to their overall rating, meaning anyone can become a top sponsor without winning a single auction.

Become part of AIDvertisement now and help us change the world bid by bid!


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