“Bankable” is a conceptual, tangible, tabletop interface to be utlized in banks and private homes. Bankable makes banking graphically clear and intuitive, while also allowing the opportunity to work in collaborative surroundings.

There is a great deal of uncertainty in the financial world. Financial products are far too complicated and replaceable. Simple products are a step in the right direction but are still not the solution.

One-third of the Fraunhofer study, “Bank der Zukunft” assumes that in 2015 less than half of the financial products will be products implemented by banks.

We need financial products you can personalize. The most intuitive way to personalize finances is to measure finances in accordance with our own dreams and objectives. We call them “goals”. With an observable and measurable end result, you have a goal to be achieved within a fixed timeframe.

The focus of Bankable aims to create personalized financial goals. Bankable fits you, rather than you fitting into one of the many saving plan models available.

The functions of the application are clustered into haptic input elements, divided thematically by balance, transactions and goals.

Banking usually starts with checking your balance. The balance is displayed next to the major timeline, creating the possibility to review a past transaction aswell as a future forecast. The Application recognizes regularities in cash withdrawals, salary payments, debit cards orders etc. to give you a future forecast. As you are able to review the past and current balances, along with future forecasts, Bankable helps you invest wisely and achieve your goals.

Transactions can be divided into specific categories. By rotating the tangibles, all deposits and deductions are filtered. The search for certain transactions becomes much more effective.

Additionally, you can create unique categories to keep track of special transactions and organise them with a simple drag-and-drop.

Bankable: Viewable, dreamable, achievable.


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